How to choose the best boat for you. There is no one ideal boat as they all have certain advantages and limitations, but it is important to make sure your new boat is an asset rather than a liability.

The right boat will make a huge difference to your boating enjoyment. Your decision will depend on the sort of fishing you have in mind, where you live, the waters you will boat in and the access available to you. Some boaties make the mistake of buying a big trailer boat that gets very little use as it is too big and awkward to tow. Your purchase should therefore be directed towards a vessel that will return the most use and enjoyment for your hard earned dollars. One idea is to take the time to go out on other people’s boats to get an idea of what is best suited to your needs.

We are always willing to help, so view the advice information linked below and contact us to discuss your boating needs before you buy!

Advice on buying a boat for the first time

Many first time boat buyers don’t realise how many different brands of alloy boats there are, and all have similar concerns and questions.

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Advice On Upsizing Your Boat

If you are upsizing your boat then the list of things to consider is a little different from that of the first time boat buyer.

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Advice on buying an Outboard Motor

When it comes to advice on buying an outboard motor everybody seems to have an opinion as to which is best and which to stay away from. The reality is that all outboard brands have a problem occasionally. Outboard Brands Available Evinrude Honda Mercury Suzuki Yamaha Outboard Configurations Available In Board Twin Rig

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Advice on Downsizing Your Boat

There are a couple of situations that I commonly see when people are downgrading their boat. They are either downsizing from a launch because they can’t justify the costs for the amount the boat gets used.

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Repairs & Maintenance

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At Marco Boats, we don’t just build boats …

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