Advice On Upsizing Your Boat

If you are upsizing your boat then the list of things to consider is a little different from that of the first time boat buyer.

Need Versus Want

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying bigger without really sitting down to think about what you NEED versus what you WANT.

The Wrong Way to Go Bigger

At some stage you will be sitting there fishing with your mates or family, everybody on top of each other and the conversation will work its way around to needing a bigger boat.

This is where the justification of the new boat starts happening, e.g.
“We could go out and get a few Marlin if we go this big.”
“If we went to this size we could overnight in it as well.”
“We could bring the whole family out no worries at this size.”

But should you go ahead with getting a bigger boat, you may find it’s too much of a hassle to get it in and out of the yard, that it’s not that comfortable to overnight in, that you can only get it in and out of the local ramp two hours each side of high tide, that it’s too hard to handle at the ramp, etc. It soon becomes an expensive driveway ornament and the frequent fun times you had in your little boat become sorely missed.

The Right Way to Go Bigger

Sit down and seriously think about how often you will use it when it’s full of people vs just two, how often you will go chasing Marlin, how hard it will be to get in and out of the yard or water, and whether you really will be overnighting in it. If you consider all these things you will have brought what you need not what you want and you will have a boat that will give you a lot of happy, fun times with no regrets in the future.


Try Before You Buy

Some people don’t even look at other brands when upsizing because they have been happy with the boat they have. I think it’s a good idea to try a couple of other brands before you upsize because even if your current boat brand is the best for its model, quality between brands can vary greatly at different sizes.

When Towing

People often ask about tow weight but often forget there is a rating on your tow bar for downwards weight on the tongue. While tow weight can’t be helped, downwards weight can be helped by correct positioning of the axle(s). Too much weight and your vehicle may have trouble steering and braking; too little weight and the trailer will push the back of your vehicle around (fishtailing).

As well as this remember: 

  • Trail weight over 1500kg must have hydraulic brakes.
  • Trail weight over 2500kg must have electric over-ride brakes.
  • Combined weight (vehicle and trailer) over 2500kg must have class 2 licence.

Contact us now using the form below for YOUR no obligation FREE QUOTE and budget people I talk to that have a boat and are looking to go bigger want to get the biggest, fastest, newest boat they can for their money but often get caught up in what APPEARS to be the best value for money without looking much further than that. Some other things to think about budget-wise are:

The Initial Purchase Price

If a boat is cheaper than the competition, it is at the expense of something else. For example if the boat has similar features then it might be the trailer that is inferior or something behind the scenes that no one asks about. Electrical wiring loom, steering components, navigation lights, the bilge pump and even the aluminium itself can be imported to save money and while its grade can still qualify as “Marine Grade” its quality can be a big step down.

There are of course ways to cut cost without cutting quality. Simpler designs can cut labour down, a dealer trying to move a boat that he’s had for a while may cut their margin, or you may get a better deal direct from the factory if this is an option.

Resale Value

If you are upsizing then maybe resale isn’t as important but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. I’ve lost count of the number of people that I speak to that had brought their last ever boat but were back looking again, usually because they got it wrong the last time. In that circumstance you would hope they had given resale a thought. A look through magazines or online, to see how much, and how many, of the models or brands you are looking at are selling second hand for can help make your decision. If there are a heap of them for sale second hand, consider why. Or, if you can find hardly any, or they move quickly, chances are you will get closer to your asking price.


Be sure you know what is covered under warranty and for how long.  ASK!  A 1-2-3-5+ year warranty WILL NOT COVER EVERYTHING (this goes for hull, trailer and motor and the warranty may be conditional). It may seem strange to put this under the price heading but there has to be some allowance made for this across the products sold and sometimes cheaper can mean reduced warranty. You will always have some cover under the Consumer Guarantees Act and while you might think you are clever screwing the price down on the retailer at the time of purchase, they will remember it and can still make it difficult to claim while still staying inside the terms of trade.

Well that’s all the unbiased advice I can give to someone upsizing their boat. Now for some slightly more biased advice.

Here at Marco Boats

At Marco Boats we do our best to give you the boat you want. We have a range of models so you can find something to fit your requirements. We mostly build only to order so don’t have stock to try to force on you. Furthermore, we don’t have dedicated salespeople to bug you. Everyone you talk to welds or grinds or fits out which means we all know exactly what goes into our boats and a fair bit about them as well.

We do of course have some dealers around, and their circumstances may be a little different to ours, but the ones we do have are there because they give our customers the attention and after-sales service we require and you expect. As well as that, you have our commitment to making sure our customers are as happy as possible.

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